ALEVKURP — is an enterprise of a military industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus

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Продукция и услуги

Scientific activity

The company is specialised on scientific researches in the field of radar systems, optronic systems, automatic control systems.

Radar systems:
  • Antenna systems and UHF equipment 
  • Devices for shaping and processing of radar signals

Optronic systems: 
  • TV and thermal imaging systems 
  • Automatic objects detection recognition and tracking systems

Automatic control systems: 
  • Antenna position automatic control system 
  • Air defence missiles control systems

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Deep modernization of the air defence system

World aviation trends are associated with the creation of new and modernization of existing aviation strike systems, the development of unmanned aerial vehicles of various classes and purposes, and the expansion of the range of aviation guided weapons.

This necessitates the creation of new or modernization of existing types of weapons and military equipment that will be able to withstand modern and promising air attack weapons.

To maintain the required characteristics and improve the fighting qualities, it is necessary to regularly upgrade the existing samples.

As a result of deep modernization, all outdated SAM equipment is replaced with modern equipment, the complex is made on a new element base. More than a hundred new devices and blocks were created, which are part of the modernized complex.

In most cases, deep modernization of the air defense systems in service is the fastest, most effective and least costly way of solving the problems of developing and improving modern air defense systems.

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  • Air defence missile system S-125-2BM «PECHORA-2BM» Air defence missile system S-125-2BM «PECHORA-2BM»

    The S-125-2BM “Pechora-2BM” anti-aircraft missile system (ADMS) with 5V27D anti-aircraft missiles is a medium-range mobile anti-aircraft missile system intended for the destruction of manned and unmanned aerial attack weapons at short and medium range

  • Modernisation of ADMS KUB (KVADRAT) to the level KVADRAT-MA Modernisation of ADMS KUB (KVADRAT) to the level KVADRAT-MA

    This upgrade allows you to get almost new, digital complex using a small part of the old units and blocks. New digital systems for generating, receiving and processing radar signals significantly simplify the procedure for setting up and adjusting equipment.

Development and production of microwave devices

Development and production of high-frequency blocks and microwave low-noise receivers, compact generators, waveguide path elements, high-frequency transmitters, antennas and antenna elements, attenuators, dividers, adders, filters and more.

The goal of our company is the use of new technologies and materials for designing and manufacturing microwave devices, in order to increase the quality, technical characteristics, and also to reduce the cost of the final product. 

We design and are ready to mass-produce:
  • Antennas and antenna elements
  • Waveguide Elements
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Power amplifiers
  • Frequency generators, noise
  • Attenuators, dividers, adders
  • Filters and other accessories

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