Scientific organization status confirmed

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Scientific organization status confirmed

Accreditation took place at the State Committee on Science and Technology and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In accordance with the law "On Scientific Activity", such accreditation is a form of state recognition of the competence of a legal entity in the performance of research, development and technological work.

The certificate of accreditation of a scientific organization has become another proof of the high level of scientific, technical and innovative activities carried out at JSC "ALEVKURP". This is the development and modernization of radar systems, control systems using the latest technologies for digital signal processing and information in real time, bringing research and development to the production stage, the development of design and technological documentation.

In addition to the official recognition of the results of the scientific activities of JSC "ALEVKURP", the certificate contributes to the increase in the authority of the enterprise, the growth of partner confidence, and also expands the possibilities for scientific and technical work in foreign markets.

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