One of the thousands of stories of the Great Victory

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One of the thousands of stories of the Great Victory


        On the eve of the Victory Day, the employees of JSC "ALEVKURP" visited a resident of besieged Leningrad Morozova Taisiya Timofeevna with congratulations and valuable gifts. During the meeting, Taisiya Timofeevna shared her memories of her childhood, about the trials that she had to go through during the blockade, and also talked about what helped her to improve her life in the post-war period.

       Born into a large family, at the age of five, little Taisiya faced all the hardships and horrors of life in the occupation. In September 1941, the happy childhood stopped, burning houses, flying shells and bodies on the streets of the city became ordinary pictures. I had to grow up very quickly and start helping in providing the family with the most necessary things: food and drink. In one of these campaigns, the girl lost her mother... Having gone for water, they fell under German artillery shells. Today Taisiya Timofeevna has a large family, of which she is very proud, and devotes her free time to home improvement and raising great grandchildren.

       In parting, Taisiya Timofeevna thanked the employees of JSC “ALEVKURP” for their attention and gifts for the Victory Day. Wishing everyone good health and prosperity!

       The story of Taisiya Timofeevna is one of hundreds of thousands of stories that make it clear at what cost the victory in that war was given to our people. Dear veterans and participants, home front workers and blockade survivors, we bow to you for the Great Victory!

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