JSC "ALEVKURP" congratulates on Mother's Day!

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JSC "ALEVKURP" congratulates on Mother's Day!

JSC "ALEVKURP" congratulates on Mother's Day! Our team congratulates dear mothers on this wonderful and tender holiday! On this beautiful day, I would like to say thanks to all mothers, who give us love, kindness, care and affection. We want to wish you that your children are always healthy and happy, that love, mutual understanding and prosperity reign in your families. Let a smile shine on your faces and joyful sparks sparkle in your eyes, when you are together.

During the celebration of Mother's Day, in addition to the solemn congratulations to the employees of the enterprise by the management and staff of JSC "ALEVKURP", as well as the presentation of tasty and valuable gifts to them, an exhibition of works made by the hands of girls and women - employees of our enterprise was held. The exhibition turned out to be very colorful and varied. It presented works in a wide variety of genres, techniques and materials. These are panels embroidered from fabric, and handmade dolls, and knitted products, and flower brooches, as well as various crafts and literary works, and more! All works are very interesting and original. They combined beauty and sophistication, originality and depth.

We express our deep gratitude to all participants of the exhibition!

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